Our history

About us

Building a hard and a quality brand.

Iberlaser was born as a small workshop which has evolved into the leading Spanish company in innovation and production of laser cutting and engraving technology for over 15 years. We belong to a Laser Square Group group division and operate internationally. We currently manufacture our machines in Europe and Latin America and we distribute by Asia.

Uniting the creativity of our engineers and designers with the technology we have, and a hard work in the areas of production, engineering, administration and management is what has allowed us to grow to the point where we are today.

For us it’s very important to keep the interest for the details. That’s why we have a completely quality control in design and performance. Our machines are designed to be durable, efficient and to offer excellent results. They are able to work the 24 hours. The laser tubes are able to work in different surfaces: acrylics, PVC, wood, paper, carton, fur…

Thanks to our experience during these years working in the textile sector, and due to we are a laser engineer company, our machines are able to adapt and work with embroideries, cutting markers and mark on the fly.

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