• Transformer series


  • Dimension: 300x306,8x287 cm
  • Gross weight: 2.154 g
  • Net weight: 1.830 kg
  • Electricity: (3.0) 220v/1ph+N (2ph) 50/60Hz
  • Electricity: (6.0) 380v/3ph 50/60Hz
  • Intake: 6kW/13A

The Transformer Zeta has a 1300mm band width which is divided in two half, allowing each band become programmable with independent functions. These bands are bidirectional; the pants are engraved and back to the point of origin. When the operator turns around and makes to advance to the area of laser getting engraving the front and rear in the same operation. In this way, the finished garment leaves the machine.

One of the most important advantages that the Transformer Zeta offers us, is that the laser is never stopped, always shooting and this makes production faster.

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