• Laser bridge

Laser Bridge

  • Electricity: 220v/3ph 50/60Hz
  • Intake: 2 kW/9 A
  • UPS: 3,4 kVA

Compact laser bridge features a 6 metres long beam which allows a working length of 5 metres. The head moves along the aluminium structure controlled by a servomotor, stopping just in the exact position to make a cutting or engraving on the embroidered garment or fabric.

THe device can be used whith all the machines and provides a cutting area of 300 x 300 mm. The laser tube can be up to 200W and the spot renderes is of 290 micrometres. Includes cotrol computer and the fume extractor. The head engraves at 2000 mm/s with a presition of 0.038 mm, and the scan head is a two axis.

Master laser bridge enlarges the working area offered by joining together aluminium beams to reach the required length. Differs from the Compact model in the use of a 3 axis scan head.

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