• INDI series


  • Size: 400 x 207,3 x 268,6 cm
  • Net Weight: 1.150 Kg
  • Electricity: 400v/3ph 50/60Hz
  • Intake: 25kW (400VAC – 35A)
  • UPS: 25kvA

INDI VIII features a 1600 x 800 mm (x2) working area and two 600 W CO2 laser tubes. This machine is appropriate for very high productions and it engraving speed reaches 1.200 mm/s. Features a control computer and a highly advanced projections system that allows to place the garment very easily.

The 1700 mm wide conveyor belt allows the parallel placement of several garments which makes of this machine one of the most productive in the market nowadays. The galvo scan head is 2 or 3 axis and incorporates a chiller to cool it down. Indi VIII has a spot de 0,6 mm that allows a very precise detail both in cutting and in engraving. Our machine allows to engrave continuously (roll to roll) by the use of a device that consist on two rolling devices that move the fabric by meters automatically. Adequate for very high productions, it achieves an engraving speed 1,200 mm/s. Features a control computer with Iberlaser software, a 2 or 3 axis scan head and a chiller to cool it down. The working area of the scanner is 1600/800 mm (x2).

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