• Transformer series


  • Dimension: 2,27 x 1,44 x 2,57 M
  • Gross weight: 400 kg
  • Net weight: 200 kg
  • Electricity: 220v/3ph+N 50/60Hz
  • Intake: 4,8kW/21A

Transformer Gamma model has a fixed table divided in two sections. While the laser engraving on one side, the operator positions the garment on the other. Each section measures 750 x 1300 mm. The separator can be extracted for an Area of 1300 x 1300 mm according to the production needs. Correctly about positioning area of the garment is the same as the area of laser action, incorporates photoelectric barriers to protect the operator in the event that any of its members into the section where the laser is working. By this way the laser will put the pause mode and the operator is totally protected.

With this Model you can engraving a Jean open or two folded in each laser shot with a single operator. This Model has different Laser tube options: 200W, 300W & 600 W and is suitable for high production. The laser is always working and no loses time in production. The Laser working Area may change according to the customer needs in every moment from 600 to 1300mm. The operator positions the garment in the table with a camera system and the screen will facilitate its placement eliminating the possibility of defects in production.

Gamma nueva2

Gamma nueva2


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