• INDI series


  • Dimension: 195x116x195 cm
  • Net weight: 146 kg
  • Gross weight: 200-270 kg (dependiendo versión)
  • Electricity: 220v/3ph 50/60Hz
  • Intake: 3,6 kW/16A
  • UPS: 5kVA

Evo Turbo offers a 600×600, 800×800, 1300×1300 mm working areaand features a 200w power laser tube wich can move up and down in order to change the distance to he preumatic table, where the garment is placed.

This table helps the operator as the upper tray can be moved to place the garment easily. On the other side the up and down movement provides the option to make highly precise cutting when the laser tube is low and to engrave with every detail when it is low. The engraving speed is 1200 mm/s and features a fue extracotr that facilitates the usage. Indicated for medium sampling graments which require high precision work.

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